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Top Cities to Visit in 2013

Posted on by Amber Coaches

2013 is upon us and it’s time to start planning all those great days out, wonderful weekends away and of course that all-important summer holiday. But where should you visit first? If you want to explore the UK and venture out into Europe, what better way to start than with the cities! Here are some top cities you should visit in 2013:

Londonderry, Ireland:

Londonderry has been named the city of culture for 2013, this amazing, historic walled history is steeped in culture and this year it’s set to undergo something of a renaissance. After the Bloody Sunday incident back in 1972 this Northern Ireland city hasn’t been seen as the best place for tourists to go but all that is in the past. Lonely Planet has ranked it the fourth best city in the world to visit, making it the must visit city of the year.


Thousands of people flock to the city of Amsterdam year after year for a long weekend or short break. It’s a city that has everything, it has the buzz of a metropolis as well as featuring an almost village like charm with its quaint buildings and quiet canals. It’s small enough for you to walk or cycle around and you will never witness a dull day in Amsterdam!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is another city steeped in history, with extravagant and truly beautiful buildings it’s the perfect place to spend the weekend. The city centre has everything you need, there are shops galore, there are plenty of places to eat and drink and endless chances to do some sightseeing and explore this old city. Edinburgh castle is something you can’t miss out on, boasting breath taking views from the top.

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