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3 Easy Ways To Keep Kids Entertained On Long Journeys

Posted on by Amber Coaches

Travelling with children, particularly those younger kids, can sometimes become quite difficult – restlessness, boredom and tiredness can all kick in ten-fold if you don’t find engaging ways to pass the time.

Hopefully these tips go a long way to making any long trips with youngsters go a little more smoothly – we can all get a little restless on journeys, but it’s the kids who are the most vocal about it!
1. Travel Board Games
They’ve been an absolute godsend for decades and, just because everyone and their dog can play video games on their phones, this doesn’t mean they should be abandoned just yet! They’re compact yet still playable, tidily fold away with all the pieces and still give you the same level of entertainment – particularly if you are a family who enjoy some quality time together huddled round the kitchen table with a wad of Monopoly money in your hands.
2. Embrace The High Tech
They might be the bane of your life while you’re at home, but if you’re on the road for a few hours then letting them spend some time on games consoles or tablets can be a great way for them to pass the time without getting bored. You can still monitor their time, particularly for the younger kids, to ensure they don’t get too engrossed for the entire duration of the trip but it’s a good opportunity to let them enjoy one of their hobbies and pass the time.
If games consoles aren’t your kids’ thing, then why not consider picking up a few audiobooks? Most digital music services offer them as downloads, or you can still pick up the physical CDs from book shops – just pop it on their MP3 player and let them enjoy an adventure! It gives their eyes a rest from screen-based entertainment, lets them look out the window and can prevent those uneasy travellers from getting car sick from looking down for too long.
3. Don’t Forget The Old Fashioned Games!
Electronic entertainment isn’t for everyone, whether that’s you or your children, and if you’re on a particularly long trip there’s the inevitability that even the games consoles you seem unable to peel them away from at home start to lose their appeal.
‘I Went Shopping’, ‘I Spy’, ‘Yellow Car’ and number plate games are all classics that transcend age and generation, allowing you to involve everyone. If you have several children at different ages, try to keep the game simple – the older ones will get frustrated when the really young kids don’t get it right!
Also be sure to make the most of those regular stops, even if you don’t need to pick up some food or use the toilets – a walk around outside to stretch your legs and get some fresh air can really help to stop you feel tired on your journey.
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