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How to Plan a Summer Holiday on a Budget

Posted on by Amber Coaches


Summer holidays can often be expensive, even when staying in the UK the cost of everything from travel, accommodation and food mount up to create an unaffordable trip that you can’t really enjoy. There is however some money savvy options you could consider to cut back your expenditure, leaving you to relax on your holiday without having to worry about the cost of it.


Travel Together


Many people go on holidays in families or with large groups of friends, and often it can be very expensive traveling in lots of different cars. You need to consider the cost of the fuel for each vehicle and then the parking. By hiring a minibus, the cost may be drastically reduced so you could save yourself a large expense. Many people prefer to travel together as there is no need for designated drivers and everyone can enjoy themselves as soon as they leave their front door.




Bed and breakfasts are often a lot cheaper than hotels and are usually friendlier as they provide a more personal service. Not only do they provide you with breakfast to fuel your busy day ahead, they can usually advise you on local attractions or places of interest. Depending on where you are planning on visiting, many hotels or bed and breakfasts offer discounted deals on certain attractions such as theme parks if you book with them, so it’s worth shopping around.




Eating out is usually a huge expense when away from home. It is best to take plenty of snacks so you don’t end up buying more in between meals. Juice cartons and other munchies are great to pack for the kids to keep them going throughout the day. Many restaurants offer student discounts, offers through apps and buy one get one free options. These could save you a ton of money, so make sure you look around before you sit down to eat.




Set yourself a budget and stick to it! Many people find that they have run out of money or overspent halfway through their holiday and find themselves scrimping for the other half. Plan what you are going to do each day and set a budget. Always ensure you have more than you need in case of an emergency, but limit yourself so you don’t use it unnecessarily.

Now that you know what to do for an affordable summer holiday, get planning! For reasonably priced and reliable minibus hire, contact Amber Coaches today. We have a wide range of vehicles from 20 seats, all the way up to 84 seat coaches. For more information on our minibus hire in Basildon, call Amber Coaches on 01268 786550, or contact us via our online form.


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