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Book Your Christmas Party Transport with Amber Coaches

Posted on by Amber Coaches

The countdown to Christmas has begun and the party season is upon us! The shops are filled with Secret Santa gift ideas and sparkly dresses, the supermarkets are stocking up on mince pies and cranberry sauce. So it must mean that annual Christmas party is just around the corner!


Hopefully the planning for the work Christmas party is in full swing with everyone chipping in their ideas on where to go, what food you should have, and what everyone is going to wear! But one thing you mustn’t forget to organise is the transport to and from your party. Perhaps your party is being held at a fancy hotel or perhaps your Christmas party is a bit different this year and you’re having a trip to the theatre or even bowling! Whatever it is you’re doing, as the party planner, you need to ensure all the employees get to the party on time as well as getting home safely at the end of the night.


Here at Amber Coaches we have over 40 years’ experience in coach hire and pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide. Why not hire a coach to get everyone to your Christmas party? It’s bound to make everything run smoother as there’ll be no arguments about whose car sharing with who, no one wandering in late because they got lost on the way and most importantly everyone can enjoy themselves safe in the knowledge that they’ll be taken home safely at the end of the night.


We are a family run coach company covering Chelmsford, Rayleigh and the surrounding areas. So when you’ve decided where and when you’re party is, (and of course what everyone is wearing to the party!) make sure you get in touch with us and book your party transport.

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