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3 Hints for Successful Day Trip Planning

Posted on by Amber Coaches

Planning a fun filled day trip can be a bit tricky, especially when you have to take the needs and wishes of a large number of people into account. However, with a little forward planning you can make sure that your day trip will be unforgettable.


Do your research:

Find out as much about the destinations that you plan to visit on your day trip as possible in advance. Make sure that all of the places that you plan to visit will be open on the day you are due to arrive and that large groups are allowed inside. If your group is particularly large you may also want to consider hiring a guide and you should check to see if guide services are available. Also find out if any of the people in your group have any special dietary requirements or other requirements that you need to make allowances for during your day trip. Take the time to fully visualise your trip in advance to try to see if there is anything that you have forgotten to prepare for.


Allow plenty of time to get to your destination:

Try to work out roughly how long it will take to travel to your day trip destination of choice in advance. Remember to add on time for traffic jams and other possible delays that you may run into along the way. A good way to find out how much time you will need is to consult an online map or, if possible, do a dry run of the journey.


Don’t try to fit too much in:

While it is good to do a lot of different things during your day trip, it is important that the people in your group do not feel rushed. Remember, the main emphasis on your day trip is having fun, not rushing around in order to cover as much ground as possible. Allow plenty of time to fully enjoy each and every activity that you have planned and if in doubt consider dropping a few of your activities. After all, you can always include them in the itinerary of your next day trip.


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